19 November 2014

Attendance: Karthik, Wren, Tom, Bill, Tim, Mike, Beryl, Nic, Lee, Eddie (scribe)

GECCO abstracts due in January. Papers in February.

Pucks bonding in the future. Significance of improved efficiency still under investigation.

Mike has solid crime data.

Beryl working on building linear algebra clojure library that includes complex numbers.



Use post run simplification to generalize.

1. How well works on training data

2. How well it generalized to test data

3. How well it generalized after simplification

Data for above is available.


Karthick Presentation

  • SMT
    • Used for model checking, program verification, and function synthesis given constrains.
  • Semantic code search
    • Using I/O pairs as opposed to keyword searches
  • Can prove generalization of synthesized functions by converting the function into its constrains.
  • Constraints become effective way describe function’s semantics

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