27 August 2014

Present: Lee, Tom, Nic, Lance, Mike, Tim, Bill, Kwaku (virtual), Karthik (virtual)

Tom’s Benchmarks

He’d gladly have help coding and doing experiments on program synthesis benchmark problems.

Clojush 2

Clojush 2 is now live. It adds a linear representation for genomes, which is translated into regular Push programs for execution. People should try it out and report bugs!

Documentation of Recent Push

Mike (and Nic) will be working on documenting the use of Push as they get to know it.

Bladder Cancer Data Set

Clojush 2 has the training error down near 70. Lee hasn’t figured out how to control overfitting yet.

Discussion of Paper: Evolving Neural Networks That Are Both Modular and Regular: HyperNeat Plus the Connection Cost Technique Categories and Subject Descriptors

  • There are different kinds of modularity, and what we want is different from what they present.
  • Evolving an interface for functions is hard!
    • Push environments might be helpful here.
  • Varying the “environment” of the problem might help.
    • Lexicase is sort of like varying the environment. Maybe?
  • It seems like it would be reasonable to add a test case that tries to improve modularity based on the compressibility of the program.
    • We’d likely be interested in minimizing the amount a program is compressed. Something like: (compressed size of program)/(uncompressed size of program)

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