Lab meeting notes 20th August 2014

Present: Lee, Tom, Karthik (scribe), Mike, Bill (hangouts)

Prime agenda item’s :-
Tom’s proposal defense practice.
Clojush 2.0

Administrative stuff :
– More students, yay!
– Faculty guests over the semester : Nic McPhee, Lance Williams
– Meeting next week : 10-12 on 27th
– Lee’s presentation at the BEACON center, on a bunch of topics, ranging from the GPTP work to some ALIFE work

Collaboration with Jason Moore:

  • Lexicase selection might potentially be super useful for those kinds of problems.
  • Some of the data is non binary.
  • PushGP runs in progress.
  • Potential for more people to start doing some runs on this dataset!

Clojush 2.0

  • ULTRA padding issues sorted out. (Padding removed in the new Clojush)
  • wc slightly better, factorial slightly worse on initial tests.
  • Representation for the genome is a linear sequence that can be converted into a Push program for execution.
  • Epigenetic switching of instructions is easier with a linear genome.
  • Possible release this weekend.

Tom’s proposal defense practice:

  • Start time 11.02AM
  • Prime focus of proposal being Lexicase selection, which is novel in multiple ways in the domain of software synthesis using Genetic Programming.
  • End time 11.49 AM ( Overall roughly 45min)



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