5 August 2014

Present: Lee, Tom (scribe), Tim


For the following week: Read the paper Evolving Neural Networks That Are Both Modular and Regular: HyperNeat Plus the Connection Cost Technique Categories and Subject Descriptors, which will be sent to the email list by Tom.

Dartmouth Trip

  • Lee touted lexicase as potentially good for their work
  • We got a bladder cancer data set to try things with.
  • Lee did some initial hackings, starting with simple trees, and is now trying Clojush
  • Tim will be working on this.

WC + Tags

No difference between tags and no tags 🙁


It could be that instructions are no-oping near the beginning of programs, either because of a bug or just because the required stacks are empty. We could track the number of no-oping instructions to see if it increases throughout a run. It could be interesting to see what percent of instructions noop at each program position during each generation — you could have generations on the x-axis and program positions on the y-axis, and a heatmap showing what percent of instructions noop.

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