22 July 2014


Lee, Thom, Bill, Karthik, Tim, Wren, Omri (scribe)


New CS hire for grant administration stuff: Lisa Karlin (things that used to go to Jean should go to Lisa)

Dartmouth trip next Monday, involves

  • A PhD defense that has to do with evolution and networks, public defense 10-11AM
  • A possible meeting with Jason Moore’s research group (studying GP and genetics, among other things), sometime between 1-3PM
  • Lee is giving a seminar from 3-4PM (“Expressive Program Evolution”)

Currently this week, Lee is participating in a(n awesome) workshop on open-ended evolutionary computation with Wolfgang Banzhaf and Susan Stepny (in Newfoundland, via Skype)

Plush woes

Plush programs are getting really big. Why? We don’t know, and it’s quite a problem.

Lexicase paper

Due August 6th

Thom will be back from Florida August 1s with revisions

Lee will have time to review and write a letter

Semantic distance

Karthik queries: how do you measure semantic distance in GP?

Maybe base it off of constraints?

Hard problem!

Next week

Meeting at regular time and place, i.e. ASH Conference Room 9:15-10:30AM (Tues July 29th)

People planning to go to Dartmouth

Get to Lee’s house at 7:30 on Monday (July 28)!

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