Lab meeting notes 08 July 2014

Present : Lee, Tom, Bill, Karthik(Scribe), Tim

Administrative stuff : GECCO next week, Frode’s presentation got moved to the first session/first talk.

Clojush 2.0 : 
Clojush 2.0 nearing release – Mixed results so far on different problems in terms of success rate on different problems, but this is not the current priority – the idea’s that going to a linear genome allows for greater capabilities that can be subsequently explored.
Clojush 2.0 is *NOT* backwards compatible – the “Plush” genome is what’s manipulated to eventually generate a Push program.
Close-paren probabilities come from a binomial distribution. Modify/tweak this for it to get slightly better before full release ?
– Availability of Hill Climbing genetic operators on Plush.
– Selection *mid-generation* ? + Not use reversion/ use it “reasonably” ?
– Experiments on potential reversion.
– Lein deploy : long term thing to do, but not a priority.

Tom’s GECCO talk practice :- 
– The overall idea of using GP for “traditional” programming problems.
– Some details on Lexicase selection.
– Minor details on Push, since code is evolved in Push.
– The ULTRA genetic operator.
– The idea of achieving *perfect* solutions, at least with respect to both the training data and the unseen test data.

To-Do’s :

– Send Lee details on plans for next week(s), since we won’t be meeting next week thanks to GECCO.

– Talk about the meeting with Jason Moore in the next meeting.

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