3 June 2014

Present: Lee, Tom (scribe) Karthik, Bill, Omri

We should invite Ryan Shams to a lab meeting.

Lee’s A-Life-y thing

  • Lazy can be annoying
  • footnote – agent handling of errors in Clojush should get better
  • Reducers might be useful

Bill’s Wind Turbine Results

  • Lots of data
  • Some promising results so far
  • May try co-evolutionary methods

Closeline Linear Push

So far, it is unclear whether this is “The Future” of Push, or just another tool that could be selectively applied depending on the problem. If selective, it would be nice to have a switch in Clojush to turn it on and off. If not, then we should make a final version so others can use it.

Either way, eventually the code should be cleaned up. In particular, maybe all epigenetic lines should be stored in a map of them, so that we can have closelines, offlines, etc.

Less Than 2000 Problem

  • There might be something interesting to look into in comparing the complexity of the data to the complexity of the evolved programs. If programs are more complex, then maybe they don’t generalize?
  • General principle of “start small” might help somewhere here:
    • Small population
    • small number of test cases
    • small program sizes
  • Offline -> epigenetics might be helpful for getting smaller programs of the right size.

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