9 April 2014

CI-lab meeting 04/09/2014

Present : Karthik (scribe), Omri, Bill, Tom, Lee, Jake, Kwaku (Hangouts)

Omri : Working on Div III : Website with quantum computer simulator/visualizer. Immediate next task : Circuit diagram component.
Managed to calculate tangle finally.

Jake : Div III stuff – working on rendering issues.

Brevis not scaling well enough? Rotation math/confusing stuff – so evolve this instead.

The long term issue on producing GP results that are “human-understandable”/interesting issues on protected division ending up with a no-op.

Generative tests, etc – to potentially solve generalization problems. Generalization is still a problem to solve. Validation within runs. Tom’s training/test split.

Co-evolutionary geography.
Spatial co-evolution – Quicker, Fitter and Less bloated

Lecture meeting/seminar – April 29th/5pm –
Potential resonance with Monte-Carlo tree search.

Why Turing machines and “Go” aren’t equivalent in power :

Bill – code overhaul/changed instruction set. Some changes in the hill climber, etc.
Wind turbine stuff – target being human competitive.

Tom – Working on the Lexicase paper. /Article revision.

Frode – Simplification paper/poster for GECCO. Looking at journals where this might be a good fit.

Travel etc.

Clojush : eval push limit
Other things on Clojush/Java integration :
– Potentially introduce a new Push instruction
– Asynchronous timeout to prevent instructions that take arbitrarily long.

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