13 November 2013


Lee, Tom, Frode, Kwaku, Karthik, Omri (scribe)

Events & news

New web framework for Clojure, Caribou, may be exciting.

We have missing notes from October 23rd…anybody have those to post?

The standalone counterclockwise is weird but still maybe what we should generally use by default.

Biomath event next Wednesday, November 20th. Among others, Lee and Omri will be presenting.


Multiplicative (as opposed to additive) fitness is an interesting idea! It is widely used in biological evolutionary simulations, and it could have useful implications for our problems.

On Push forth, Kwaku and Omri defended some of its virtues, while Lee and Tom took more neutral or critical stances. Ultimately, we decided that although it may have interesting features that are of potential use, none of them have any meaningful bearing on current projects, so it makes no sense to shift gears at this point.

We had a productive start of a discussion on linear GP and more specifically linear Push. The only opinions voiced were in favor. So while it looks promising, we will need to continue this discussion next week.

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