20 November 2013


Tom, Omri, Eddie(Scribe), Frode, George, Bill


Wed. 20th Presentations:

Lee: Bio-math and GP

Omri: Auto-contruction and adaptive complexity


Use-Clojush in Clojush.ns

Way to make simple examples. Discouraged use for anything but simple examples.


Kathryn Stolee Talk

Give her system takes input/output pairs of what programmers want their code to accomplish. System returns answers to similar questions posted online.


Linear Push

Push is not utilizing blocks of code as well as it could if Push was linear. Ultra would be cleaner. Instructions that require blocks of code and will push blocks of code. (Ex. Start loop statements, and end loop statements with block of code in between.)


Question of having end statement of all statements, or a different end for each statement (ex. end_if, end_for, end_loop). Leaning towards universal end deliminator. Possibility of forcing Push to have same number of end statements as statements that start blocks.



Seems to be an issue with recombination.

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