I teach inquiry based environmental science courses with a specific focus on water resources. I use a systems thinking approach to engage students in interdisciplinary and collaborative exploration of the world around them.

Video – Using a Living Lab

AY 20-21

  • NS210/310 Sustainability in a Changing Climate (F20)
  • NS365 Natural Sciences Division III Seminar (S21)

Other Courses

  • NS132 Sustainable Water Use/Reuse – ISFP I, Part of the  Integrated Sciences First-Year Program (ISFP)
  • NS255 Watershed Hydrology (F17)
  • NS157/357 Sustainable Water Resources (S18)
  • NS280 Collaborative Design Projects (ISFP II,  part of ISFP) (S16, S18)
  • Integrated Sciences III – Summer Research Experience (Summer 2018)
  • NS174/NS374 Food and Water
  • NS126/326 Water in a Changing Climate
  • NS292 Stream Ecology
  • NS376 Stream Restoration Seminar