To keep the Earth Day momentum going, here are some actions YOU can take right now to help reduce embodied carbon emissions. Post your actions and tag us on social media to encourage others to get involved.

SHARE: Spread the knowledge! Share this webinar with others, or chat with your roommates, co-workers, and family about the importance of embodied carbon.

REUSE: You can reduce embodied carbon emissions by using what you already have. Time to fix that broken window or mend your socks. Or, check out offerings from local re-use stores like Eco Building Bargains to get DIY projects done with fewer emissions.

ADVOCATE: Identify local or state policies that drive action on embodied carbon reduction and write to your representatives in support. Share these policies with others and with us via email or on social media.

LEARN: Hungry for more? Check out the Carbon Leadership Forum and Builders for Climate Action for more information and guidance on building strategies to lower buildings’ embodied carbon footprints. And join the Embodied Carbon Network to join manufacturers, designers, builders, and academics working to reduce embodied carbon in building materials.

SWAP: Got a building project in the works? Swap out high-carbon concrete and spray foam insulation for lower-carbon alternatives like these.

GROW: Skip the mowing and plant carbon-sequestering trees, shrubs, and edible plants in your yard to help lower your home’s carbon footprint.

SAVE: Want to save on your energy bills? Get a virtual Home Energy Assessment from Mass Save, then insulate with carbon-friendly cellulose or mineral wool.

APPLY: Calculate the embodied carbon of your own home or building project with one of these tools and guidance.

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