Yaritza Bushell & Daisha Dukes are recipients of an R.W. Kern Center Student Grant, which funds research or projects relating to an aspect of the RWKC’s systems, mission, or to the Living Building Challenge.

The We Belong Project was developed out of the need for more community-centered space on Hampshire’s campus. This project will serve the community by transforming and reimagining a central hub that students can rely on to make social and academic connections.

Each Sunday, Yari, Daisha, and their peers come together at the R.W. Kern Center to serve student needs for social and academic connections through student-led workshops, social events, peer advising, and study spaces. Through the practices of listening, storytelling, resonating, and collective thinking, they hope to foster a space where students can connect, learn, and stretch beyond their limits of imagining how they can have power within a conversational space. Yari and Daisha aim to lead and organize the RWKC to attract more engagement from students, and to serve the community’s need for connection, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. They believe students will thrive in a space dedicated to social and academic connection

The We Belong Project supports some of the RWKC’s original project goals: to tell the story of a unique, progressive, and experimenting intellectual community; to encourage community, collaboration and conversation between all community members; and to provide an accessible, flexible, and adaptable space.

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