Emery is the recipient of an R.W. Kern Center Student Grant, which funds research or projects relating to an aspect of the RWKC’s systems, mission, or to the Living Building Challenge.

Winnie’s Travels: Tutorials on Alternative Housing is a project primarily about recycling. It’s about recycling an old RV into a home, giving tired objects and materials new life, recycling the warmth of the sun into electrical energy, rainwater into drinking water, and human waste into fertilizer. It is also about recycling knowledge – after years of researching alternative housing construction and sustainable living, I want to recycle what I have learned through my own tutorials and video essays, focusing on developing an accessible, unified platform for the lessons and information I have foraged over time.

The R.W. Kern Center is a space that questions how we think about spaces, just as the alternative housing movement does with its tiny houses built on car hauler trailers, renovated school buses (“skoolie conversions”), shipping container homes, belle tents, yurts, houseboats and more. It is also a space that focuses on educating the community about itself and other spaces like it, just like many members of the alternative housing movement do through YouTube channels and other social media platforms.

Read more about Emery here.

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