View of underside of wooden stairs; letters are carved into the stair treads.

Earth Week Puzzle Challenge

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A tan wood background with a "BE" design in black the white space of the "E" is supposed to make a + sign. In green it reads, "Sustainability" and in black it reads, "Scavenger Hunt." It is a "Sustainability Scavenger Hunt," hosted by BE+.

BE+ Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

Kickoff Event: Wednesday, April 14th, 5:00-6:00 PM

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View of south facade of R.W. Kern Center; text below reads "Earth Day Tours" A logo of an earth and green leaf are in the left bottom corner.

Earth Day Tours | R.W. Kern Center

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A building with an arch statue in front. Bushes and green grass on the buildings lawn. The building has an array of shapes and colors on each side of the door. Two older people standing in the lower left corner. The photo is captioned "Ever The Land -A People. A place. Their Building.-"

“Ever the Land” Virtual Film Screening

November 2, 2020

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Overhead view of a long table with arts & crafts supplies. Students sit on either side of the table making crafts.

Hampfest Student Activities Fair | R.W. Kern Center

September 4, 2020

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South facade of the R.W. Kern Center on a summer day.

Virtual Tour of the R.W. Kern Center

September 10, 2020

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Woman with short hair pointing to a building in the distance. The building has two hearts around it.

Virtual Tour

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Gray tinted photo of a man in hard hat in front of a window.

Living Building Makers in Conversation

Thursday, January 30th, 6:30-8pm

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The Illusion of Away: Eco Art Night

Thursday, February 13, 7pm

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On a white background there are gray words (logo) that reads, "BSA. Boston Society of Architects/AIA"

BSA Author’s Night | Living Building Makers | R.W. Kern Center

Living Building Makers at the Boston Society of Architects Join builder/author Jonathan A. Wright of Northampton, founder of Wright Builders Inc., in conversation with designers at the BSA about his new book Living Building Makers: Creating Sustainable Buildings that Renew Our World. Hear first-hand project and construction experience, and the stories of inspiration derived from […]

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