“Once we know something, we can’t un-know it.”

Living Buildings are different. They ask us to consider our impact in everything we do, from our energy use to site selection. A key consideration is building materials: what’s in them? Where do they come from? What is their impact on the environment? Are they healthy for people to be around?

Join us for a conversation about how these material values change the way we build, from product selection to workflow. Jonathan Wright, (Hampshire alum and Principal/Founder of Wright Builders), Jessica Schultz, (Communication and Living Building Coordinator for the Hitchcock Center) and Sara Draper, (R.W. Kern Center Director of Educational Programs and Outreach) will reflect on the Living Building process. How do our experiences on these projects change our workflow and our lives?

Jonathan will also share excerpts from his newest book, “Living Building Makers: Creating Sustainable Buildings that Renew our World;” copies will be available for sale.

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