Emery is the recipient of an R.W. Kern Center Student Grant, which funds research or projects relating to an aspect of the RWKC’s systems, mission, or to the Living Building Challenge.

How did it get to be winter already? I think the first thing I’ll be installing in my 1987 Winnebago RV – Winnie is her name – is the wood stove. Unfortunately for my toes, I first have to finish fixing and waterproofing the exterior and preparing the interior for insulation, which means removing the old, water-damaged insulation and installing the electrical wiring. I’m two-thirds of the way done with my It’s Raining in My RV! Fixing My Roof series on my YouTube channel Winnie’s Travels, which aims to document the process of turning Winnie into an off-grid and sustainable home. What I’ve learned about the renovation process is that preparing an old object for new life is half the work, rather than creation taking charge. I’ve learned to see it as a process of care, somewhat reminiscent of caring for an elderly family member.

Fortunately, despite this part of the process taking longer than I would’ve imagined, I’m still on track with my schedule as long as I am done preparing the space for insulation by the end of November. In December I’ll install all of the walls (floor and ceiling too) and – thank goodness – the wood stove. My toes just have to make it until the holidays!

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