Lab Notes 01.22.16

CI Lab Notes – 01-22-16CI Lab Notes


Present: Lee, Tom, Bill L, Bill T, Mike (Scribe), Nic, Eva, Eddie, George, Julian




You could win $$$!

Deadline in Spring

Very few entries in the past,

Probably not Auto Construction,

Mike Project idea


Fitness tests and birthing process are bottleneck

Check out Tozier’s Push interpreter

Andy tractor GUI  

Lee send this out to the group!

GUI to launch jobs.


Looking for mentors

Contact Eddie, Mike, or Lee if you’d like to be involved

CEC Niching Competition

Multimodal stuff.

Lexicase selection could be a good candidate for other

GECCO Paper    


                                Abstracts due Jan 27, Full Papers due Feb 3.

GECCO Poster    (Nic)


Poster about visualization

Tournament vs. Lexicase

Maybe turn it into a book?


Two solutions on the newest set of runs

One solved in 40 generations

2nd solved in 203 generations


Chris Hill  

Bill and Lee met with Chris

He works on ocean currents and turbulence. Large scale fluid dynamic simulations

From MIT, works with UMass as well.

Observation and Selection  

Foundational Questions institute


Quantum processing with QGAME

Evolve push programs that when run compile a QGAME script

Lack of complex numbers in Clojure is an issue

Does it need to be implemented in Clojure to make it run faster

It’s definitely running too slow at this point

Nic – Could Garbage collection be an issue? We should look into memory.


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