Lab Notes 10.21.15

attendees: Bill, Lee, Tom, Nic, Eva, Eddie, Saul, Ben

GECCO tutorials

  • discussed Nic doing a graph database tutorial. maybe better to make it GP analytics type of tutorial
  • Might be worth making Expressive GP more of a group tutorial with demos from recent work

Lee working on his Robust AI grant

  • future work: AI ethics
  • make grant a collaborative project with Nic and Tom

Autoconstructive runs

  • not many successes after 2000 generations
  • more successes than before
  • 23 is not the issue!
  • Nic’s students will now poke around in results to see what there is to see
  • Nic: in current results, variation is happening and contributing to the finding of solutions

Tom offered to have guest speakers for his class next spring (late April – late May)


  • we are human competitive with 1st year programmers with Tom’s results
  • needs to be something done in the last year
  • maybe use Push in an actual programming class online
  • coursera automatically grades software
  • can push bytecode be reverse assembled into java?
  • use Push in a hackathon or programming challenge?

next week: talk about GECCO,

11/4: Bill’s practice talk for UPenn

Eddie: how to generate subsets of data sets for testing/ store and move test cases / generate new test cases for generalization?

  • Lee and Nic: do cross-fold validation, and look at Tom’s thesis for test domains

Tozier does not like “keep number reasonable” restriction onĀ  integers, thinks it should not be restricted in this way. Wants someone to work with him on fixing this.

  • Saul: I’ll reach out to Tozier to work on this

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