Meeting Notes 2/25/2015

Present: Eddie, Frode, Beryl, Wren, Lee, Tom, Bill, Nic, George, Herb


Krzysztof Krawiec paper distributed by Tom

Quantum computing projects

Status updates


Progress with pucks

  • Emergence of evolutionary dynamics with pucks
  • Getting rid of java script-difficulty in the browser difficulties
  • Workflow not too problematic
  • Debugging clojure script difficult


  • Simplification process to generalization
  • Calc-evolve push button calculator


  • Avoiding over fitting to noise
  • Curve fitting/test data


  • Test sets
  • Paper
  • Portugal


  • No collisions-trace lineages
  • History-vector of single parent error
  • 2 parents get exponentially big
  • Data compresses well

Quantum computing


  • Simulations use for things that no one knows how to do, not impossible
  • Omri found difficulties with irrational numbers in matrices
  • Smaller unsolved questions
  • Java script complex number library
  • Complex numbers available in C#. Use ClojureCLR
  • No need for a visualization in this case.
  • Beryl trying to find a Clojure Complex number library
    • This would allow for quantum simulations to be done in pure Clojure.
  • Nic found a way to inter-opt to Python (Jython) from Clojure that could be used for Complex Numbers.
  • Nic also found clojure libraries to inter-opt R and use that for Complex Numbers.

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