Lab Notes 2/11/15

Attendance: Nic, Wren, Bill, Frode, Karthik, Mike, Eddie (scribe)


  • Use GP regression plus more traditional engineering techniques in a wide range of applications.
  • EHC
    • New benchmarks with tournament selection show that EHC is still much better
    • 5 iterations of EHC create average program sizes that are similar to basic GP with tournament selection.

    Finite Algebras with GP

  • Lee has system that works with no evolutions
  • Lee’s new system has come the analysis of which Finite Algebras GP could and could not find solutions.


  • GPTP
    • Genetic Programming Theory and Practice
    • On graph database
  • Working with Tom on simplification (and its effect on generalization)


  • Unclear what is noise and what is crucial
  • Possibly going to smooth data


  • coming back


  • Searching over Java objects


  • Pucks
    • Pucks blog:
    • Bonding is functional
    • involuntary transactions coming soon
  • Arcadia
    • Planetary Orbits


  • Documentation of Clojush
    • blog post 1 almost ready
    • Could be posted on GitHub Wiki
  • Computational Criminology
    • looking into Cynthia Rudin’s work

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