Lab meeting 09242014

Present: Lee, Tom, Bill, Tim, Karthik (scribe), Mike, Beryl, Wren, Satyajeet, Frode (Hangouts)

Overview of domains people think they’re working on during the semester:

Wren: Calcium dynamics of pollen tubes. First tasks once the relevant data is here – inferring an equation from the data?

Beryl: Currently interested in the Quantum Computing domain. Some references of work to build on -> ( )

Mike: Interested in analytics of crime data. Data acquisition might be significantly non-trivial. Potential collaborations with CSSI at UMass? ( ) ? {Also lookup for potentially interesting data for work along these lines. }

Karthik: Focus this semester -> Semantic-Code Search integrated with an EC system, Lexicase-GSX, Human-Readable GP

Tim: Classifier for a bladder cancer problem. First classifier – Weka C4.5?

Bill: Epigenetic layering tests. Intention to test the system beyond hand-picked problems.

Tom: ( Lexicase selection paper accepted to the IEEE transactions on evolutionary computation. ) Benchmark problems for GP. Improvements to Clojush.

Frode: Clojush simplification during a run as a genetic operator.

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