17 September 2014

Present: Lee, Tom, Lance, Nic, Mike, Tim, Ben, Wren, Karthik, Eddie (scribe)

**Hampshire students bring ideas of what you would like to work on this semester for next week’s meeting**

Clojush Issues

JVM settings in project.clj.

  • Could that be changed?


Revert big child


  • If child is bigger than some limit, what should happen?
    • Default was to replicating parent.
    • Default changed to random child for now.
    • Could later be changed to delete parts of the child to get under size limit.

More benchmark problems

  • About 18 problems
  • Stacks for a few kinds of vectors implemented
  • Automatically uses instructions for included stacks

Mutual information theory

To evolve general solutions to problems, pick cases that are most informative? Boost fitness if candidates provide valuable information?

(My notes on this topic were pretty spotty and chaotic because my math skills are very lacking. For those who missed the meeting, Lance mentioned notes on his website and I found this presentation on the topic, I suspect it will be much more helpful than what I originally wrote.)

Add test to lexicase that will use mutual information to test how well programs generalize from training tests to validation tests in the hopes that it will encourage programs to evolve so that the final solution is sufficiently generalized.

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