27 May 2014


Lee, Thom, Bill, George, Karthik, Omri (scribe)


Less than 2000 problem is important–why isn’t it easy?

Thom has no time


Bill has set up lexicase in his system

Quantum stuff

George to work on minimal evoluationary loop:
1. Get comfortable with ClojureScript workflow
2. Manually try out some qgame programs
3. Generate random qgame programs
4. Very simple selection/reproduction

TDS paper discussion

  • Can solve some pretty hard problems, but runs into an “exponential wall”–maybe GP could be really useful here
  • Perhaps we should we write to the authors about non-binary test cases in GP (something they seem to have overlooked)
  • Case order is manually optimized, whereas in lexicase order is randomized for each evaluation
  • Raises the question: how do we deal with large numbers–potentially infinite–test cases?
  • Their method has difficulty with arbitrary structure and instructions


There may be a workshop in Newfoundland with Wolfgang

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