17 June 2014


Lance, Lee, Thom, Bill, Tim, Omri (scribe)


August 12 & 19 no meetings

Lee will be submitting to Templeton for a grant (origins of life, adaptive complexity stuff)

Lee: contact Bill Tozier about visit

Dartmouth trip–anybody who wants to go is welcome


  • Bill and Lee have to make posters
  • Practice presentations
    • July 1 for Thom
    • Frode? (somebody should email him)
      • should send us his slides by July 1
      • maybe he could record a video that we could watch?


Lance is here for the year!

He’s very interested in the origins of adaptive complexity, and specifically finds reified autoconstruction a promising line

We discussed VM resource management and arbitrary code generation


Is anybody willing to maintain/re-build the lab website?

  • Add python push link
  • Include more publications
  • Fix things (such as broken link to my own paper)

Apparently it’s Omri’s job now (despite his rejection of it)!

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