19 February 2014


Lee, Thom, Bill, Jake, Frode, Omri (scribe)


We should reconsider meeting time. Lee, send out an email about this.

Next Friday is international Moshe Sipper Day. Possibly no meeting Wednesday, to be replaced by the Friday meeting with Moshe.

Homework: review the past winners of the humies, prior to the Friday meeting.

Maybe Omri will try to digitize the Koza GP VHSs.

Frode: NOOP experiments

  • Is this a good idea in the first place?
  • How to decide when to remove an instruction that NOOPs?
  • How to remove an instruction that NOOPs?
  • Maybe think in terms of simplification in general, instead of NOOP removal in particular?

Omri: qgame and qromp

  • qgame exists as a ClojureScript library now
  • What about Clojure integration (in addition to ClojureScript)?
  • Possible demo of ClojureScript usage in general, as well as qromp, next meeting

Thom’s stuff

  • ‘ultra-padding’ and ‘()’ padding seem to have the same effects
  • Problems with git and Windows line endings

Bill’s stuff

  • Working on python stuff
  • Read an interesting article about ALPS
  • Giving a talk tomorrow

Jake: Push visualizer

  • Getting back into the swing of things
  • Push program visualizer webapp is coming along
  • Possible demo next meeting

Linear push discussion

  • Baked-in metadata or ‘end’s as code?
    • Baked-in metadata: how to evolve where/how ends/starts exist?
    • ‘end’s as code: how to deal with nesting? How to deal with tagging?
  • Compile to parens program or parse at runtime?
    • Compile to parens: speed for multiple evaluations of a program, separation of genome from execution, minimal changes to existing Push interpreter
    • Parse at runtime: only one Push program representation

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