04 December 2013


Lee, Tom, Omri, Bill, Frode


Ways to measure success rates in GP:

Koza – computational effort

Charles O’Fria recommend Fisher’s Exact Test

Lee’s calculator problem

Trying to solve calculator problem by adjusting ULTRA parameters, tag spaces

Down a rabbit hole and considering auto-reconstruction (eyebrows raised)

Running one with the tag space of the other, which is kind of a form of auto-construction

Rule out direct clones

Tom thinks there are problems other than the genetic operators that are affecting the results

Need to use ULTRA with bushy trees to get more parentheses

Or linear Push

Epigenetics and Mutation Hotspots

Bill’s Dev approach

Use developmental fitness and size to determine mutation/crossover pressure and/or intron assignment in binary vector of same length as genome

Discussed biological occurences of epigenetics and mutation hotspots

Tom’s Lexicase investigations

Best individual assignment needs to be rerun/checked, reporting wrong thing

ULTRA runs look even better, maybe subtree ones too

Need corrected versions of graphs


Tom, Bill working on papers

Find good example problems to demonstrate infrastructure

Frode and Eddy?

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