22 January 2014

Attending: Lee, Omri, Frode, Tom (hangout, scribe), Kwaku (hangout), Karthik (hangout)


  • We should think about what to do for GPTP.
  • No concrete plans for Moshe Sipper.

Omri Div III

Will involve QGame and using it for educational purposes.


May or may not use WC data depending on space constraints.

Calc Thoughts

  • Last gasp for trying to get Calc to work
  • Tried, didn’t work:
    • Simplified instruction set
    • “behaviors” = “domains” test case generation
    • Put “old” test cases at front of lexicase order
  • New things to try:
    • Two alignment deviations: most of the time use 0, but sometimes use large (like 100)
    • ULTRA tags by running one parent program, and then when run second, when it tags something instead ULTRA what it would tag with whatever is already tagged there.
    • Similarly, could take each parent and create its tagspace, and then re-create a program from the tagspace, lining up positions of tagging instructions for the same tag by padding with ‘ultra-padding, which will be removed after ULTRA.
    • Maybe try trivial geography with lexicase.

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