8 January 2014


Lee, Thom, Bill, Karthik, Omri (scribe)

Spring meeting time

Provisionally Wednesdays 10-12am (Karthik will vid-chat in for half of it)

Starting with January 22nd


Abstract deadline January 15th

Paper deadline January 29th

Workshop paper deadline sometime in March maybe

Finite algebra paper

Lee is working on this with David Clark and Maarten Keijzer

Maarten has come up with an awesome algorithm, but it is domain specific

On the calculator problem

Lee has been trying or thinking about a bunch of new things…

  • Augmentive test cases
  • Complementary lexicase selection (opposites attract)
  • Concatenative tagging
  • Maybe pass/fail?
  • Maybe novelty search?
  • How do we ensure generalization?

…But nothing seems to be working

Thom’s update

On the word count problem paper…

  • General solutions greater than 0 and less than 10 percent of the time, independent of parameters
  • What statistics to use? Maybe Fisher’s Exact Test? Maybe look at Luke’s Meta-heuristics book, the chapter on stats?

On the auto-simplification paper…

  • To what extent does is hill-climbing program simplification effective?
  • Which problems: Pagie-1? Digital multiplier? WC? Odd?

Karthik’s update

He’s very interested in satisfiability module theory

Looking into Z3 (from Microsoft)

Thinking about combining GSX and lexicase

Next meeting

Friday January 17th 10-12am

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