18 December 2013

Present: Lee, Tom (scribe), Bill, Omri, Frode


Discussion of GP stats. Basically, it depends on what problem you’re working on, but something like MBF, computational effort, or number of successes may be what you’re looking for. None of them are perfect, and we’re not sure whether or not Fisher’s Exact Test can be applied to success rates since it may require a number of samples.


  • Maybe a paper related to simplification of evolved Push programs?
  • Tom can do experiments, Lee can write up?
  • Even more interesting given context of recent work on semantic genetic operators.

Documentation (Frode)

After some discussion, we decided to try Sphynx for documenting Push (the language), and some sort of automatic tool for documenting Clojush.

WC Problem

  • Some discussion of maybe also evolving “front end”/main method of WC program to more closely mimic the utility.
  • Tom will try some runs not using no-paren-mut + yes bushy code.
  • It may be worth trying some different ULTRA parameters once we know what seems best out of ()-padding/’ultra_padding and no-paren-mut/bushy-code.
  • May be worthwhile to try ULTRA with a range of parameters.
    • It may be worthwhile to make this a logarithmic range. Tom’s intuition says yes, but doesn’t have a good explanation yet.
    • Lee will implement this.

Omri Div III

Sounds like it will involve Ventpods!

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