1 June 2012

In attendence :  Lee, Kwaku, Tom, Zeke, Omri, Emma

kwaku’s talk
talking too fast
dynamic stuff – need to be a it clearer – did he address why bloat is a problem?
too much stuff on the results page
space out slides
practice talking without the slides – maybe write out speech and then add slides into the talk where appropriate, then ditch the talk
if there are words between slides in

the talk, make them into two seperate slides
focus on why the problem is interesting

tom status
email back from jensen on evolving classifiers – community not that interested, due to community interest in accuracy, rather than interpretability
– what about pitching marginal cases? / outliers
hod lipson – eurika – scientific theories based on data – ML guys think the overfitting part is uninteresting
modelling individual differences using LDA – connection to EFK

cycloformation? – formation of new carbon ring something something
rings = important
rings = dangerous to make, trying to make reactions happen in water, rather than something dangerous

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