Racism not Race Series
Virginia Commonwealth University          Dartmouth

2011 Convocation

Cautionary Notes on Using Biology to Infer Identity and Ancestry 

Closing the RAGE Gap: A Discussion on Health, Wealth, Education, and Media

This thought-provoking panel discussion looked at how race has been used to create inequality and produce disparities in education, wealth, health and media. Speakers offered analysis and possible solutions that may help close the gaps that exist in society today. Moderated by WRAL-TV 5 Anchor Gerald Owens. Speakers included: Dr. Alan Goodman, professor of biological anthropology at Hampshire College and co-director of public education project/exhibition: “RACE: Are We So Different?”, Dr. Dudley Flood, a champion of the desegregation of public school education in North Carolina, Natalie Bullock Brown, assistant professor of Film and Broadcast Media at Saint Augustine’s University, and Jenna Bryant, program manager at Manpower Development Corps (MDC).

A Tribute to Jessie Jackson with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)

Panelists talked about the scientific, historic, legal, and socio-cultural roles of race in U.S. culture. At the start of the program a video tribute in honor of Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign 25 years earlier. Reverend Jackson spoke about efforts to expand civil rights and the economy. Panelists then spoke about issues of race in America. They also answered questions from the audience.