Science of Sausage: How the Outside Gets Inside


In this episode Chris and Cara talk with Dr. Tom Leatherman (Professor of Anthropology at UMass Amherst) and Dr. Alan Goodman (Professor of Anthropology at Hampshire College). Drs. Leatherman and Goodman discuss their revolutionary work advocating for biocultural collaborations within anthropology, focusing especially on concepts of embodiment, political economy, and structural racism. The conversation explores advances in biocultural work, from the publication of their groundbreaking book “Building a New Biocultural Synthesis” to the state of the field today.

Speaking of Race: American Anthropological Association Project on Race

In this episode we talk with two past presidents of the American Anthropological Association, Yolanda Moses and Alan Goodman, who played key roles in presenting the public face of American anthropology with regard to race over the past several decades. They discuss the outreach efforts of the AAA.

Speaking of Race: Caste

​In this episode we invite Alan Goodman back to review Isabel Wilkerson’s book, Caste. They provide some context from a science and history perspective on both caste and race.