Racism, Not Race

Racism, Not Race: Answers to Frequently Asked Question

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List of Questions
Introduction: What Are Race, Racism, and Human Variation?
1. How Did Race Become Biological?
2. Everything You Wanted to Know About Genetics and Race
3. Everything You Wanted to Know About Racism
4. Why Do Races Differ in Disease Incidence?
5. Life History, Aging, and Mortality
6. Athletics, Bodies, and Abilities
7. Intelligence, Brains, and Behaviors
8. Driving While Black and Other Deadly Realities of Institutional and Systemic Racism
9. DNA and Ancestry Testing
10. Race Names and “Race Mixing”
11. A World Without Racism?

(Select) Accolades and Reviews

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Listed as both one of the best Nonfiction Book of 2021 and one of the best Books About Being Black in America for 2021 Kirkus Reviews

“Joseph L. Graves Jr. and Alan Goodman’s unflinching commitment to the integration of biological and social data and processes alongside historical and contemporary assessments of systemic racism in Racism, Not Race is therefore powerful and necessary … Graves and Goodman demonstrate why antiracism is not just an ethical and scientifically correct position, but why it is also necessary for the future of science and society.”  Science, January, 28, 2021.

“A relatable conversation about race that stands out from many other books on the always-relevant topic.  …  An entertaining and informative read that will serve as a jumping-off point for countless discussions about racism.” Kirkus (Full review here)

“A new angle and an accessible approach to the ongoing reckoning with race in America” Publisher’s Weekly – Full review here)

“Read  Racism, Not Race is a rigorous discussion of the scientific answers to questions of race. Joseph Graves Jr and Alan Goodman explain why race isn’t a biological fact and ponder why society continues to act as if it is.” – New Scientists Recommended Read.

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What a timely and thoughtful book, posing in Socratic fashion the central questions of our struggling republic.” – Ken Burns, filmmaker

“In this timely and important book, Professors Graves and Goodman provide detailed explanations in response to questions about race and racism. They have also followed the “Noah principle.” Indeed, it is not enough to simply predict the rain. One must also build arks. And that is what Professors Graves and Goodman have done. They offer concrete steps that can be taken to help to eliminate the scourge of racism, as well as other systems of oppression, that continue to plague our nation.” –  Jonnetta Betsch Cole, author of Racism in American Public Life: A Call to Action.

“A timely tapestry of questions and answers on race and racism! Joseph Graves and Alan Goodman have intricately disentangled and woven together biological race, social race, and racism, providing a strategy for addressing not only the consequences of systemic racism, but more importantly, the root cause—the ideology of a hierarchy of human value. Brilliant work!” –  Charmaine DM Royal, Director of Duke University Center on Genomics, Race, Identity, Difference .

“In Racism, Not Race, Graves and Goodman lay out comprehensively and accessibly that notions of race as applied to humans are social constructs that cannot be justified in biological terms. Packed with contemporary and historical references that place race in perspective, this is a coherent and authoritative clarification of an issue that is critically important for society but is widely misunderstood despite its ever more pressing social ramifications. A valuable resource.” – Ian Tattersall, author of Troublesome Science: The Misuse of Genetics and Genomics in Understanding Race.

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