Friday, September 28, 12-4 p.m., dining commons middle dining room
How can we provide safe, sustainable, and equitable access to drinking water for all? You tell us! Join fellow students, faculty, engineers, social justice advocates, and policy experts as we “hack” our way to a better water system.

Who’s Coming?:
Chris Chamberland, civil engineer, Berkshire Design Group
Marisol Fernandez y Mora, MA drinking water advocate, Clean Water Action
Nicholas Jones, independent water operator
James Laurila, director of water operations, Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
John McClellan, vice president, Tighe & Bond
Jessica Shultz, communications and living building coordinator, Hitchcock Center for the Environment
Jason Tor, professor of microbiology, Hampshire College

On the Menu: All-you-can-eat lunch, sweets, and coffee from the dining commons (no need to use up a meal on your meal plan).

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