My name is Bruce Prescott, and I am currently a first semester Division II transfer student here at Hampshire. I have always had a fascination with space, and am interested in studying aerospace engineering and astrophysics. I am also interested in nuclear physics, and nuclear fusion as a means of energy production. 

One of my biggest interests at the R.W. Kern Center is its thermal/energy efficiency, including the heat pumps, and its composting toilets. I want to learn more about these elements of the building, and perhaps conduct research to see how much more efficient they are than other techniques. I want to understand how these technologies can be incorporated into other buildings, living and non-living, in order to save energy and water. 

Using what I learn here at the RWKC, I want to combine the effort to reduce our environmental footprint with my career interest in space travel and processes to discover more efficient means of space exploration. 

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