Institute for Curatorial Practice, 2014

Institute for Curatorial Practice, 2014

During the summer of 2014 students in the Institute for Curatorial Practice worked in teams to curate three distinct digital exhibitions that bring together a wide range of works held by the Five College Museums. Catalyzed by the Ur Mutter #2 by Adrian Piper, each exhibition engages with a different art historical topic: the colonial gaze in art, image and text, and appropriated images.

On July 3, 2014, closing events for the inaugural year of the ICP included student presentations and a reception for the exhibitions, installed in the Harold F. Johnson Library as digital projections on the Magic Board and as web sites on monitors the first floor of the library.


Sometimes a Traveler: Women, Othered Bodies, and the Colonizing Gaze, a digital exhibition that seeks to challenge and confuse the ostensibly stable notions of subject and object, colonized and colonizer, and Self and Other. Curated by Noah Street Dickerman, Nikolai Humphrey-Blanco, Emma Jacobs, Riley Kleve, Kwasi Tre’, and Charles Weisenberger.

imagetext, an educational exhibition exploring the ways in which text and image have been used alongside or in place of each other throughout time and across cultures. Curated by James Kelleher, Emma Kennedy, Caitlin Link, Emma McNay, Pauline Miller, Sophie Morris, Emma Vale.

The Dense Image, a reflexive examination of the changing and often overlapping roles of artists and curators in the digital age, focusing on the appropriated image and the way these appropriations alter viewer interpretations as new contexts beget new meanings. Curated by Lily Bartle, Hayley-Jane Blackstone, Daniel Perlmutter, Luke Pretz, Isadora Reisner, Laura Ritchie.