Upcoming courses:

Berlin Seminar: German Arts, History, and Culture

Courses taught recently:

Stuff, Materiality, Things

Experiments in Modern Short Fiction

The Question of Evil in Literature and Philosophy

Responses to the Holocaust

Literature of Crime and Detection (tutorial)

The Power of the Novel

Berlin Seminar–Berlin Study Abroad Program

Life Writing: Forms of Autobiography and Memoir

HACU Research Seminar: The Archive

Detection and the City, co-taught with Polina Barskova

Berlin and Los Angeles

Living On: Responses to the Holocaust

Brecht and Beckett (and Benjamin and Adorno)

Literature of Crime and Detection

Reading Literary Theory and Criticism

Middlemarch and Victorian Culture, co-taught with Lise Sanders

Making It New: The Literature of Modern Life

The Posthuman Condition, co-taught with Christoph Cox

Under the Influence: Influence: Invisible Powers of Art, Education, and Authority in Nineteenth-Century Literature

The Power of the Novel: Evil, Speculation, and Adultery in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Radical Beginnings: Wonderful Disturbing Works in 18th- and Early 19th-C. Literature

The Artist and the Vampire

The Philosophy of Evil