Lab Notes 3/11/15

3/11/2015 Lab Notes

Present: Tom, Nic, Bill, Wren, Frode, Eddie (Scribe)

No meeting next week for spring break!

– Calc problem is broken again
– Tests returns number, and boolean for error flag
– Currently error flag boolean logic is not being found by Push

– Transfers between pucks depends on either the bids and asking matching, or a function comparing the two.
– There may, or may not, be loss currently in the transactions.
– How to determine if Pucks are showing emergent behavior?
– Perhaps the answer is with Mutual Information and Entropy
– Plundering
– – What determines the probability of success?
– – What should the cost of plundering be?
– – Can multiple pucks gang up on another puck?
– – – Split results of transactions between multiple parties.
– – How to decide if a puck should attempt a plunder?
– – A puck can only get back the amount of energy out of a plunder, is how much “damage” it managed to do to its victim.

– Lexicase has much higher diversity, and is more consistent.
– Lexicase has many more clusters.
– Bottom line: Lexicase promotes diversity and clustering.
– Visualization problems when runs are of different length.
– – Cannot turn x axis of graphs into percentage of run length, because drawing conclusions between successful and unsuccessful runs becomes problematic.
– Graphs can be seen at Tom’s Rpubs (with source code)
– –

Have a nice break!

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