Items for Possible Discussion in Upcoming Meetings

Tom’s Suggestions

GECCO-2012 papers:

  • Hornby and Bongard: Accelerating Human-Computer Collaborative Search through Learning Comparative and Predictive User Models
  • Bailey et al.: Automatic Generation of Graph Models for Complex Networks by Genetic Programming
  • Swafford et al.: Comparing Methods for Module Identification in Grammatical Evolution
  • Harding et al.: MT-CGP: Mixed Type Cartesian Genetic Programming
  • Le Goues et al.: Representations and Operators for Improving Evolutionary Software Repair
  • Kotzing et al.: The Max Problem Revisited: The Importance of Mutation in Genetic Programming
  • Harper: Spatial Co-Evolution – Quicker, Fitter and Less Bloated

Lee’s Suggestions

Emma’s Suggestions

Ullman, Goodman, Tenenbaum : Theory Acquisition as Stochastic Search

Previously Read in Lab

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