How to do multiple runs of Clojush using tractor

These instructions will show you how to start many runs of Clojush at once on fly using tractor. These instructions assume you have already gone through the tutorial of how to run a single run on fly using lein, since it requires things like having Clojush already on fly and installing lein. This tutorial does not cover more advanced topics like doing runs with varying parameter settings.

  1. Open your Clojush directory. Create a directory where you want your logs to go. For example, “Clojush/results/odd/”
  2. Copy the fly to your Clojush directory. It may already be there if you cloned from GitHub. Make sure you have the latest version or it might not work.
  3. Open in your favorite text editor.
  4. You should only need to edit things in the “# Settings” section, not below there. Set your number of runs, the location of your Clojush directory, the relative location of your output directory (e.g. “results/odd/”), and the prefix and postfix that you would like to use for your log files. Also, give your runs a title.
  5. Edit the command to be what you want to call. Make sure you change the lein call to match the location of lein on your fly directory. And change the problem file to something besides “clojush.examples.odd” (unless you want to run the odd problem!).
  6. Back in your Clojush directory, run “python”. You should get a message that says something like “OK loaded job /thelmuth/1207180001”.
  7. Point your web browser to Sign in with the username you used to submit the job (no password required). This page should show your new job and info about it. If not, something went wrong.
  8. At this point, you’re done! Wait until tre tractor dashboard says that all your runs are done, and then gather your data from the log files.

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