Thursday, June 17, 2021: Community Town Hall

In the Community Town Hall held on Thursday, June 17, President Ed Wingenbach, Dean of Faculty Christoph Cox, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Fumio Sugihara, and Chief Advancement Officer Jennifer Chrisler shared in Hampshire’s progress and accomplishments.


April 21, 2021: Spring Scholarship Celebration

Our Spring Scholarship Celebration was held on April 21, 2021 to convene around the College’s commitment to making a Hampshire education possible to all who seek it. This event highlighted alum and student stories around what scholarship has meant to them personally.

This event was digital, with a keynote speech by neuroscientist and author Erik Hoel 06F. He was joined by Change in the Making campaign co-chair Lucy McFadden 70F, Trustee Elle Chan 87F, student Arlo Zwicker 20F, President Ed Wingenbach, Chief Advancement Officer Jennifer Chrisler, and musician Li Verdelle 17F.


March 17, 2021: Creating Nonfiction

The Career Options Resource Center (CORC) and the Office of Alumni and Family Relations held a conversation with Broadcast Journalist P.J. Tobia 96F. This discussion focused on ways to make a living as a creator of nonfiction content, whether video, print, or digital. We also talked about news-gathering techniques, technology’s growing role in this work, and ways to find good stories to tell. This event was geared toward students and young alums who are contemplating their career path, but was open to everyone.


March 10, 2021: Media, Power, and Justice

How do news media and pop culture narratives about gender, race, science, elections, and more impact our individual lives and our collective realities? How can journalists be nuanced truth tellers rather than promoting the myth of objectivity or reproducing damaging tropes? And what critical tools can audiences employ to resist disinformation and become active, engaged media consumers? Hampshire alums Jennifer L. Pozner 92F (founder, Women In Media & News and author, Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV and the forthcoming graphic novel, Breaking The News) and Fariba Nawa 92F (independent journalist based in Istanbul, host of OnSpec podcast, and author of Opium Nation: Child Brides, Drug Lords and One Woman’s Journey through Afghanistan) held a dynamic discussion of our individual and collective relationships to media consumption and production, corporate media ownership, and critical resistance. This event was co-sponsored by the Hampshire College Community Commons (CoCo)


March 5, 2021: The Evolution of the Development of Social Behavior in Dogs

From the Livestock Guard Dog Project to years of research about why dogs bark, Hampshire has a long and rich history with dogs. The evolution of behavioral development has fascinated Dr. Kathryn Lord 96F since the first time she encountered it at Hampshire in Dr. Raymond Coppinger’s Animal Behavior Course. She has been studying how changes in the development of behavior evolved in dogs ever since. Kathryn gave an overview of her work on the development of social behavior in dogs from her Div III on kennel enrichment in guide dogs, through her Ph.D. work investigating differences in the primary critical period of socialization in dogs and wolves, to her current work investigating the genetic underpinnings of these developmental differences using wolf-dog hybrids. Associate Professor of Physiology Cindy Gill moderated.


February 24, 2021: Making Work Work — Building a Future that Aligns with Your Values

Women, non-binary, and alums of color working across law, health care, non-profit, and science fields talked about navigating the world of work and education after Hampshire. They addressed:

  • Finding paths and developing skills to navigate your journey
  • Managing challenges that include under-representation and bias in their fields.
  • Building lives and careers in alignment with your values
  • Making changes when your work and values feel out of alignment

This event was moderated by Julia Firestone 06F, transformational leadership coach, and panelists included:

Made possible by the SPARC fund, which supports connections between Hampshire alums and students for personal and professional growth. This event was sponsored by the Career Options Resource Center (CORC), Alumni & Family Relations (AFR), and the Hampshire College Community Commons (CoCo).


February 20, 2021: 2020 Alumni Reel Panel Discussion

The Hampshire College Alumni Reel is a collection of short film, television, and video clips showcasing the vision and creativity of our alums who work across film, television, video, and entertainment industries. In past years, the Reel has been screened on campus during Family and Friends Weekend and at events in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities. Going virtual this year made the Reel accessible to the full Hampshire community and beyond.

Panelists Erica Huggins 83F, Sarah Goldfinger 94F, and Arpita Kumar 03F reflected on the history of film and video at Hampshire and talked about what’s next in the industry. Trustee Elle Chan 87F moderated.



piece of film and a cameraFebruary 17 & 19, 2021: 2020 Alumni Reel Viewing Parties

The Alumni Reel is a collection of short film, television, and video clips showcasing the vision and creativity of our alums who work across film, television, video, and entertainment industries. Nearly 80 alums in the film and entertainment industry submitted their best recent work to this year’s Reel. John Bruner 94F hosted casual YouTube viewing parties and registrants were also able to view the Reel at their leisure.

If you would like to view a recording of the Alumni Reel, please fill out this form, and you will receive a confirmation email containing the necessary links for viewing along with a playlist.


Molly McLeodJanuary 9, 2021: Designing a Daily Creative Practice

The Career Options Resource Center (CORC), in collaboration with Alumni & Family Relations, invited current students and alums to attend this joint event to help kick off the new year.

Alum Molly McLeod 05F discussed ways to cultivate a consistent creative habit and start a daily project using any medium. Writers, visual artists, videographers, and performing artists were all welcome, whether professional, amateur, established, or just getting started. Molly is an artist, designer, creativity coach and educator who has done over 1,000 days of daily art, and is currently writing a book about how anyone can develop a daily creative practice, no matter their background or experience.

December 8, 2020: Zymurgy: Humankind’s Oldest Biotechnology

On December 8, 2020, brewer Dick Cantwell 74F, cheese expert Lilith Spencer 08F, and sourdough baker Josey Baker 01F shared their experiences with humankind’s oldest biotechnology. Faculty Emerita of Biology Merle Bruno moderated.


December 1, 2020: Scholarship Dinner

The annual Hampshire College Scholarship Dinner celebrates the accomplishments of our scholars, past and present, and reflects on our commitment to making a Hampshire education possible to those who seek it. As we continue to raise funds through Change in the Making: A Campaign for Hampshire, it has never been more important to take a moment to pause and think about what truly makes Hampshire so special to each of us.

The evening included a keynote speech by Ian Spalter 94F, Head of Instagram Japan, speaking about how Hampshire has shaped his work and way of thinking. He was joined by trustee and parent Dayna Cunningham P12, student Mixhe Bedrick 20F, and others. These are the people who challenge our world — and change it.


November 17, 2020: Between Poetry and Prose

Award-winning author Eula Biss 95F and poet Deb Gorlin, emerita senior faculty associate, continued a discussion that they began more than 20 years ago during an independent study on prose poetry and poetic prose. They revisited some of the genre-defying books that they read together then, talked about newer books that belong on the same reading list, and discussed how their current writing is informed by this work.



four women October 22, 2020: Activism at Hampshire and Beyond: A Conversation Between Alums and Students

The Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) student group in collaboration with Alumni & Family Relations and Hampshire College’s 50th Anniversary will host a networking event for current and past student group members, as well as current students considering becoming CLPP student group members.

October 18, 2020: James Baldwin Scholars Brunch

A celebration of James Baldwin Scholars taking root and flourishing at Hampshire, the event combined touching stories, artistic displays, and lots of fun. Dr. Christopher-Rasheem McMillan 03F, assistant professor in the Department of Dance and Department of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies at the University of Iowa and current visiting professor and Fellow of the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University, was our keynote speaker and talked about his journey as a James Baldwin Scholar — at Hampshire and beyond.


October 14, 2020: Fables of the Trumpocene

Author Jeff Sharlet 90F shared stories from his bestselling book and Netflix documentary series The Family and recent Vanity Fair reporting on the growing violence of Trumpism.


October 8, 2020: Reimagining Safety: Radical Imaginations and the Defund the Police Movement

Professor Alex Vitale 84F, author of The End of Policing and coordinator of the Policing and Social Justice Project at Brooklyn College, discussed the Defund the Police movement and its roots in both community-based safety organizing and police and prison abolition. This event was moderated by Hampshire Professor of Sociology Margaret Cerullo.

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