Artists, poets, filmmakers, photographers – This winter the R.W. Kern Center is challenging you to look at what we throw away: waste.

For most of us, our waste is hidden. Trash is taken away to an unseen landfill; wastewater is processed in facilities far away from us; air pollutants are discharged in neighborhoods far removed from the public eye—this invisibility prevents us from conceptualizing our impact. Most of us have no sense of where our waste goes, how much waste we produce, or the legacy of our waste after we are gone.

We’re planning for an exhibition opening Febuary 13th, performances (poetry readings, music, movement) will take place during the opening celebration, while visual work will remain up for the rest of the semester.

We are open to multimedia submissions and will work with you in considering our display space.

Interested in contributing? Email for more information.

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