One of the best parts of going to school at Hampshire is that we don’t have finals (woohoo!), but instead culminate our semester’s work in final projects. For Chris Cianfrani‘s Sustainability in a Changing Climate course, my peers and I were challenged to get creative with our final projects. Some students did interviews with their friends around their knowledge of “sustainability,” others put together informational pamphlets on composting, and some students made artistic zines exploring the wastefulness of western culture. As a big fan of podcasts myself, I decided to try my hand at making a fun, light-hearted podcast about changes my roommates and I have made around the house to be a little more sustainable. Have a listen for recipes, jokes, and suggestions!

Meredith Luchs is an RWKC Intern who works to bring art and science in conversation with one another in the hopes of uncovering more sustainable ways of living.

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