We use data collected from the R.W. Kern Center’s energy, water, and air quality systems to better understand our environmental impact and make sure the building is performing as designed. Check out our public dashboard for a quick snapshot of our current performance. If you’d like to dig deeper, you can log in and explore the data yourself via Building OS.

Exploring BuildingOS
From the home page, you can make your own dashboard, view all the building meters, or download a custom data set.

Login: Kern@hampshire.edu
Password: kerncenter16

Create Your Own Dashboard
Create a dashboard to store your own graphs and information.
Home > Dashboard > Add A Dashboard > Add a Card > Configure Card
PDF instructions 

View Building Meters
Browse through the meters to learn what types of systems are monitored.
Home > Meters > Filters > Meter List
PDF Instructions

Download Data
Download custom data sets to conduct your own research at home.
Home > Apps >Data Manager >Data Downloader > New Meter Data Export > Select Meter > Create Export
PDF Instructions

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