Did you know there are secret puzzles hidden throughout the RWKC, designed by professor Ira Fay and Hampshire students? Keep a look out the next time you visit the Kern Cafe!

There are ten puzzles in the building, and Fay hints at the types: “My natural inclination for puzzle design often involves ciphers or math, but I wanted the puzzles themselves to reflect the diversity of creative thought at Hampshire. So I collaborated with many people on campus and included an art puzzle, a written-word puzzle, a science puzzle, and more.”

Fay designed a puzzle that calls on the periodic table of elements; one that relies on perspective shifts for visual art; and another that involved creating a poem through collaboration with a preschool class from Hampshire’s Early Learning Center, their teachers, and students in the course Youth/Poets, taught by Professor Rachel Conrad.

Read more over at the Hampshire College website, or check it out on the New York Times.

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