Novick Eye for an I video still

Eye for an I

Eye for an I
Cray Novick
5:25 loop

November 18-30, 2015

I am interested in the ingestion of “new” media, as portrayed through the dispersion of singular authorship, as an influence on identity (ies). Traditional narrative cinema places “the film” as directed object, for a gazing eye to perch and subject its self’s brain. Extended past the strict frame of a movie screened and into the inter-web, images surround my its self. Is my self what surrounds my it?

A twitter feed spurts a small dose of meaning, derived from a youtube clip that is re: a rant on a NYT op-ed about people looking down at their smartphones when they walk. I was walking with my head down, and I captured this gaze. But did not put the h.264 file on the internet. The linked nature of web based mediums fosters the appropriation of content across forms; individuality is lost in a zagged contextualizing of the singular. Eye could not run the risk of such horrors.

This installation piece synthesizes images of more than twenty individuals into a single plane. This is mostly their its. I added my eye – pointed the camera down at pavement scrolling by, then upwards, and got an image of the sky, I think there is a video of a lamp against a wall as well.