pleasure! div iii


a division iii performance by sophia pustejovsky


Skeleton Bloom is an experimental electronic noise project comprised of Hampshire students Becca Mallin, Ivan Liptak, and Sophia Pustejovsky. Their activities are largely influenced by elements of Dada and Bretonian Surrealist philosophy and methodology, Dada performance, Dada noise music, and Freudian theory. Above all they are interested in the nature of uncensored desire, cultivating it, and externalizing it. Like the Surrealists, they believe in the surfacing of unconscious thought and emotion as the optimum means of acquiring self-knowledge, and reject traditional codes of conduct as repressive. They use programs Ableton and Max to create simultaneous auditory and visual manipulation.

Come see Skeleton Bloom as well as hear Phillip Glass’s Saxophone Quartet Concert Movement IV on April 20, 8pm in the Music and Dance Building Recital Hall.