Recap on Moodle Lunch

Yesterday we had a lunch discussion session about how faculty at Hampshire are using Moodle. About 18 faculty attended and I think we all learned something, myself included! Here are my notes on what we discussed.

Forums are often being used as before-and-after enhancements/additions to in-class discussion. Several faculty reported that they have students respond to readings or other material BEFORE it gets discussed in class, so the instructor can see which questions need to be addressed, which DON’T, and what the general trend of interest is.┬áMost instructors required the students to complete their posts a couple days before the class, to give them a chance to review and prepare.
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Hello and welcome to the first post on our new blog about teaching and learning with technology at Hampshire College.

We’re a new department (of one: me) and our mission is to encourage and support the use of technology for innovative teaching and student engagement at Hampshire.

Our students are of the “digital native” generation and technology is simply an integral part of their existence. Many of them will be coming from K-12 programs with technologically integrated teaching, and they will expect the same from us.

At the very least, we all need to be able to speak their language and understand the tools they use. At best, we will provide them with an academic program that meets their expectations of a modern college, and uses the fact that they are already “plugged-in” to further student engagement and achievement.

My chief concerns are with effective pedagogy and a positive learning experience on the part of the student. These will always come first- and I do believe there are wonderful technological tools available to further both those interests. The goal of this blog will be to show you what’s out there.

If you find this whole concept intimidating or off-putting, please don’t worry. I’m here to meet faculty “where they’re at” in terms of technical abilities and personal preferences.

Still not sure what a blog is? No problem. Stop by and I’ll show you around.

Want to start using Google docs or VoiceThread for collaborative projects in class? Give me a call and I’ll help you get started.

Have an idea for a project or assignment but aren’t sure what kind of technology would be the most useful? I’ll help you wade through the options and find the best one.

Here’s what we have planned for this blog:

  • Weekly tips about different tools and techniques that may be useful to faculty and students- in your teaching, or in your studies.
  • Moodle tips and how-to’s throughout the semester.
  • Updates on emerging technologies that will impact the field of education.

Thanks for reading! And please contact me anytime-, x6238, Library room 208.