Power Down Over Break

The IT Department would like to remind you that we live in New England where winter storms can cause power outages. These outages can sometime create problems in electronic equipment. Please take steps to minimize any problems, and as an added bonus they will help us conserve energy!

Please remember to do the following before you leave for break. Need help to remember? Put a sticky note on your door, coat, bag or another place you will see it as you go to leave.

We would like you to turn OFF and UNPLUG power on all computers, monitors, printers, copiers, external drives and other large electronic equipment prior to leaving. This is to protect them from electrical damage during any outages, power surges, or when power is restored. To simplify the process, if several devices (e.g. monitor, computer, printer) are connected to a power strip, just unplug the power strip, not each device.

We would like you to do this even if you have power strips on all of your major equipment. The reasoning is because not all power strips are surge protectors, or they may not offer enough protection for all the equipment plugged into them. We understand that not everyone will be able to physically unplug all of the equipment for one reason or another. In those cases, devices should be powered off completely and not left in a sleep or low power mode.

A special note about refrigerators. Do not unplug them, but remember that if you have ice built up in the freezer portion, it may melt and leak out on the floor during an extended outage. Please make sure there are no electronics or other items nearby that may get damaged. You may want to consider placing a towel or something under the door to absorb any leaking.

We have generators and back up power to keep the servers and some network equipment running so off campus access to most systems are not effected by outages unless the outage is significant or extensive.

Thank you for your assistance. If you have questions concerning the protection of your computers and other equipment, please contact the IT helpdesk at helpdesk@hampshire.edu.

Almost done on the 3rd floor

Just a super quick update.  Sorry it has been a while, but as you can see from the pictures below, we have been real busy.  We expect to fully open most of the spaces this Thursday.


Even though it is not officially open, some techs have been doing a little work and setting up the new and improved Diagnostic Center

The entrance to the computer lab. Check out all of that glass!
the new computer workstations. Yes, there going to be computers on them. We just have not gotten around to that part yet.

Imagine a couch in front of this wall. There will be one there someday. It is backordered of course.
Check it out. We have an accent wall! It actually looks real good in person. Everyone that has seen it so far has had positive comments about the color choice.
These are not the chairs that will stay here. The real ones are back ordered. These gorgeous tables were made just for us. They are very beautiful up close.

One of the new IT storage cabinets. These are beautiful and huge!

the other two storage cabinets

the set up in the IT Training Room

Well that is all of the pics for today.  I am going to try and get a video put together for anyone that can’t see the space in person.  It might get you a little better perspective on how things look.


3rd floor report for 8/9/10

Slow, but steady she goes.  We have sheetrock on some of the new wall frames, new wiring for both electrical and networking, and the frames for the lab windows and door are in.  Pictures taken today are below.


The 4 openings on the left will be tempered glass windows to let in the light from the hall window. On the right is the 3 openings for a new door and more windows on the side.

The 1/2 wall dividing the tables and chairs work spaces and the computer workstations is framed and some of the wiring is in.
Soffit and wiring in the new meeting room
Workers various stuff in the soon to be IT Staff office space
New Diagnostic Center

week ending 7/23/10 3rd floor report

It has been a bit louder this week on the 3rd floor.  The new spaces are starting to take shape.  Old walls are now completely down or altered and new wall / door frames have been constructed.  A lot of the old lighting has also been removed.  The workers have been nice and considerate.  They try to let us know when we are in for a loud afternoon.

In talking to the head construction guy on site, I have learned that the construction part should be completed around August 13th.  The lab and training room computer tables and chairs are due in the following week.  As of right now, most of it seems to be on schedule and should be ready by the time students arrive!

Captain Info will be back on Monday, so I’m sure we will have a 1st floor update early in the week.  Things have really come together down there.   There are still a few things being worked on, but it looks like they are in the home stretch.

Below are some new pictures from the 3rd floor from this past week.  You can see them full size in a new window by clicking on them individually . Enjoy!

First Mate of the IT Seas

all of the lighting and drop ceiling removed from the old Lab
new wall in the old Lab to make the new Meeting Room on one side and IT Staff office space on the other
old lighting removed from the old Training Room / new Lab and part of the wall removed
In the new Lab. Changes to the wall to make room for a new entrance and a window allowing more natural light in from the hall
looking into the new IT Training Room
looking into the new Diagnostic Center
new wall and door frame in place in the new Diagnostic Center

Walls, or lack there of…

We have some walls down, and we were surprised at how quietly they went.  We did not really notice.

3rd floor progress report

So things are happening up on the 3rd floor.  Rooms are empty, carpet is torn up, wiring and power has been cut.  Here are some pictures documenting the progress so far.